Hattomonkeystudio presents a collection of music posters for the wine bar, Big Wine Freaks.

Our cooperation began in 2014 with the creation of the bars identity. We did not expect that this collaboration will grow into an independent, incredibly creative, and the most ambitious project of the studio.

If you ask guests what is the difference between Big Wine Freaks and other wine bars, the first, and most obvious answer, is the wine list. Now, the next item in the list will be music. Live performances daily from DJs and jazz groups have become the hallmark of the wine bar.

There was a standard task to inform guests of the bar about upcoming musical events. The solution could not be stereotyped, rather needed to correspond to the rebellious image of the bar.  In mid-2014 we began to make unique posters for Big Wine Freaks, and by the end of 2018, the project already includes 344 artists works. And the collaboration continues to this day.

No two works are the same. We use different styles and trends, different techniques and shapes.

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