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High end photo retouching - final pic. This service offered on http://www.melanezia.com - For comparison see stage before. Photo by Hart Tan - http://www.tomato.sg
High end retouching - stage before
Image retouching: final pic and original photo
'Stefka', digital illustration - Original photo on the left and finished print. Project completed with Photoshop filters and custom actions. For more info about this service please see http://www.melanezia.com
Father's Day Sale, book shop promotional poster. Final image closeup - Separate product images combined in Photoshop according with approved layout.
Father's Day Sale, book shop promotional poster - Design utilising digital retouching and photo montage. Concept, design implementation and final production (high-end retouching, deep etching & finished art). Format A3
BPO outdoor signage. Format 429 x 1800mm - Photo-Typography/digital image manipulation.
The outdoor signs were commissioned to inform the public about the new restaurant opening at heritage listed Post Office building. Based on the original 'POST OFFICE' brass letters additional words were photoshoped to create new sign. Every care was taken to blend the new signs with the rest of the weathered facade.
Photo-Typography, production stages - For great detail see: http://www.zoomorama.com/hb
New signage at BPO main entry - digital typography
New ceramic tile promotional image - Photography retouching with extensive colour and detail correction. White balance and noise reduction.
Merchandising, showroom poster - Digital photo manipulation. Poster design incorporating tile scans + interior
photo. The final artwork featuring the fixed porcelain tile floor, was printed on Epson large format ink-jet press. Format 600 x 600 mm. Original pic on the left.
Edwina and Kimi, portrait gallery. See close up in Portrait folder. - For more info about this service please go to http://www.melanezia.com
On the left original photo and next to it finished artwork printed on canvas
Snow White, poster - Digital illustration. For more info about this customised service please see http://www.melanezia.com
Trade magazine - image rendering for Front Cover
Bathroom pic ready for printing
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Photo Retouching
Hanna Bilyk
Graphic designer North Ryde, Australia