Solo Travelers Plus Lid - 2004 ID Best In Category - Packaging

I was lead designer on this project for Solo. My concept made it through the downselect process and after working together with the Solo engineering and manufacturing teams we developed this award winning solution. ***Update*** This product has now been inducted into the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and has won a Red Dot award and a DuPont award.
2.1L Listerine Bottle - I was lead designer on this project for Pfizer's club store division. We were challenged with developing a 2.1L container that could easily be grasped and poured while still maintaining Listerine's iconic form factor. The result was a symmetrical design allowing consumers and shelf stockers the ability to easily grasp the product from shelves without having to move nearby items. It also allowed the product to be placed back on the shelf at home with the label still facing outward thus continuing to merchandise itself long after it went home. The design also placed the grip location in an ideal location for stable pouring of contents.
Kellogg's Drink & Crunch - I was design lead on this project for Kellogg's. This project involved the analysis of a concept that was failing in test groups, re-evaluation of consumers needs, conceptualizing new form factors and assembly and the ultimate development of this new exciting product. This product has recently won a Red Dot award and is currently being introduced nationwide.
Metaphase Design Group Work
Heath Doty
Product Design Manager St. Louis, MO