Clean Energy - A renewable power supply which provides clean energy using temperature differential.
Research - intial research into disaster relief efforts revealed that while great strides were being made to restore community infrastructures, the individual homeowners are at a loss.
Personas - Personas were created to better understand the users needs and highlight real world problems
Persona needs - Primary use for both personas would be disaster relief with a secondary use of specialty camping equipment.
Ideation - An intial exploration of modularity was begun creating a hierarchy of use. This process addressed usability standards.
Research Ideation - The Stirling engine is a new form of renewable, stand-alone power. It functions on temperature differential.
Sketching ideation - Various ideation sketches were creted to establish an aesthetic which was both appealing to the average consumer yet functional in real world situations.
Sketches - An intial idea for a shroud was eventually discared due to visual complexity.
Intial modeling - This first generation model was used to establish the main components and determine if the plastic coating was applicable. ultimatly, it was discarded.
sketches - This set of sketching was used to determine the best configuration for the metal piping. It needed to incase the engine yet expose its function.
Final model - This final solution was reached through a delicate balance of aesthetic appeal and rugged functionality.
Potential markets - Since the engine can be used both inside and out, its potential is limitless. the Market for this product can be anything from consumer goods to government funded.
Clean Energy
Leslie Edgerton
3D Visualization and Motion design New York, NY