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Cartridge works mainly with activated carbon and other materials.
This interface has three funtions:
1. Indicate that the filter is working well.
2. Comunicate when the filter finished its lifetime.
3. The batteries are running with low energy and should be replaced.

Each message is displayed with the LED turned on and different intermitent blinks.
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This project was developed with a multidisciplinary team in colaboration with Global Consumer Design team of Whirlpool México. The main purpose was to change the users experience in how to obtain filtered water in the kitchen by developing a product that has the capability to fit in different socioeconomic levels by just changing materials.

The purpose of this product is to displace the 18.9 litre (5 gallons) water bottles from the kitchens, so the user do not make an effort or spend time and money to bring purified water to their home.

Héctor Vázquez
R&D Packaging Engineer at PepsiCo Monterrey, Mexico