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The Logo.

We made the Logo Type in handwritten style because we want to describe our brand as a friendly and fun cafe. With a colorful theme too.
This mascot is from Taiwan Mango. Created by our team member.
I made this illustration for a background (used on website, flyer, etc).

Why mango, milk, aloe vera, and bean? Because, our cafe use these ingredients for our menus.

This is made in adobe illustrator.
This is website interface for HOME.

*Credit: The photo in this artwork is found on Internet. This is use for non profit condition.
This is for website interface: ABOUT
Website interface: EVEN AND PROMO
Website Interface: MENU
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Jumoca is an imaginary brand for Taiwan Cafe. This cafe is especially for young people who love to hang out and drink ice and snack.
This is our team project for a college assignment.

I was a project manager for this Brand and my team are: Leny, Metta, Andry, Daniel, Abi, and Suhardi.

We work together for this project.

Thanks for your time!

Helen Dwiyanti
Illustrator & Graphic Designer North Jakarta, Indonesia