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Dyslexic Pen Pots

These pen pots all have terrible memory due to their dyslexia and can only remember a couple of things at a time. In this case only a pen and a pencil, or two different pens. The benefit of this is that it changes the nature of what a pen pot is. Normal, un-dyslexic pen pots become landfill sites for all the pens you rarely use whilst the pen(s) you do use stay lying on your desk, ready, because you don’t want it lost in the sea of random lesser pens in the pot, and you need it to hand. The problem with this is that your favourite pen has nowhere to reside when not in use and ends up on your mates desk or the last place you were working. (And you left it there because you are dyslexic and can't remember) The dyslexic pen pots forces you to only have a pen and a pencil or two pens and have a special place for them. This will also (hopefully) prevent them from being lost.

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Henry Franks
Product Designer Oxford, United Kingdom