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Fila-Ferrari (2003) - Sketch done and rendered entirely with a wacom graphic tablet and the Painter 8 software, part of a research for a Fila-Ferrari running shoe.
Fila Ducati Monster Shoe - concept rendering - Photoshop rendering of the Fila-Ducati Monster shoe, at an earlier concept stage.
Main inspiration drawn from the bike=s main visual clues : tube frame, tank shape and Ducati branding.
FILA-DUCATI MONSTER - (2003) Creation of a motorcycle-friendly basketball shoe inspired by the DUCATI bikes. Lead to the sponsoring of the "FILA - DUCATI" official superbike team, and participation to the MOTO-GP DUCATI TEAM.
Fila-Ferrari BB frame-tech concept / heel support
Fila-Ferrari BB frametech concept / forefoot support
Fila-Ferrari Driven concept / research sketch / painter 8
Fila-Ferrari BB driven / concept rendering / photoshop
Mr Schumacher racing shoe redesign + street version
Fila-Ferrari low silhouette, pininfarina-inspired running shoe / photoshop
Fila-Ferrari concept shoe / photoshop / 2002
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Motorsports footwear work for Fila
Concepts and products for Ferrari, Ducati and Michael Schumacher franchises.

Comments (50)
  • Great work!

    3 years ago

  • Hi, nice work

    5 years ago

  • Fila-Ferrari 2003 was the first time i got a glimpse of your work. it was a very inspirational motive to move into footwear design.

    8 years ago

  • I had a pair of these shoes I love your design

    9 years ago

  • very stylish

    9 years ago

Olivier Henrichot
Senior Innovation Designer at Nike Portland, OR