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Mobile Integrated Communication (MIC) - MIC is a system design that combines mobile products into an intuitive structure. It is designed using the haptisch design theory developed by Mr Hartmut Ginnow in Germany. The image above is the heart of the system.

Teammate: Thomas Mulsow
Mobile Integrated Communication (MIC)
Mobile Integrated Communication (MIC)
Achilles Lamp - Fundamentals in minimalism and inspired by Castiglioni.
Achilles Lamp
Achilles Lamp
787 Concept Lavatory - In collaboration with Teague Aerospace and Boeing. The design, "is an ingenious, expandable, humanized, lavatory, suitable for midsize passenger planes." Georgia Straight Media, "Show Cooks up Raw Talent" May 19, 2005.

Team: Herman Chan, Jongho Nho
787 Concept Lavatory
787 Concept Lavatory
C.Y Loh Bookmark's - Flat packed corporate gift designed so that it promotes the strengths and qualities of Western Canada's leading structural engineering firm, CY Loh and Associates. The bookmarks are designed to be mailed to Architects who assemble them together.
C.Y Loh Bookmark's
CY Loh Bookmark's
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Industrial Design
Herman Chan
Herman Chan Seattle, WA