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Chadstone 2050

This project tries to capture the density in Chadstone in 2050. In the future, there is a vision of new train station inside the Chadstone Shopping Center. This new station will definitely increase the population of peoples in Chadstone. By analyzing and testing the pedestrian movements from the station into the residential areas, this project comes up with two conclusions. The first one is that the best urban form for walkable environment is the radial grid. By simulating pedestrian’s walk in 10 minutes (800m), it reveals that people could cover more areas in radial grid. Then the second and the most important points is density. Residential areas near station would be lot denser. Peoples will prefer to live in a place that is near the station or place of attraction, such as retail and shopping center.

Hizkia Irwanto Gouw
B.Des(Int), M.Arch Melbourne, Australia