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Kampoeng Artist at Kota Tua

As the nation capital, Jakarta is ‘melting pot’ of representatives from throughout the archipelago. It is a city of contrast; the traditional and the modern, the sacral and the worldly, the poor and the rich, often stand side by side in this bustling metropolis. Kampoeng Artist at the Old Town of Jakarta tries to deal with those contrasts by using the concept of inclusive urbanism. It consists of student housing, artist housing, workshops, art retails, art library, amphitheatre, indoor theatre, 1 to 1 museum, as well as open spaces. Through the mixed of programs that emphasizes on the traditional art and culture of Indonesia, Kampoeng Artist would encourage public engagement of all ages, ethnics, and classes. Moreover, in order to honour the history of the site and also to counter the dominance the colonial heritage at the northern part of the Old Town, the design of Kampoeng Artist traces back the indigenous urban form of Kampoeng and the Chinese settlement at the Old Batavia.

Hizkia Irwanto Gouw
B.Des(Int), M.Arch Melbourne, Australia