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Spectrum Aeronautical - A new very light business jet using advanced carbon-composite technology for the construction of the Model 33. The image is a conceptual interior design of the Spectrum Model 33.
Bombardier Aerospace - The Learjet 31A is a small 5 to 6 passenger business jet designed for light travel. The image shows a custom designed exterior paint scheme for the Learjet 31A.
IBM Corp. - Medical tablet and desktop unit for doctors with touch-screen and pen-based input capabilities.
Port of San Francisco - Interior exhibition for the Port of San Francisco's lobby space headquartered at Pier One. The exhibition illustrates the significance the Port of San Francisco plays in the history of the city.
9G Products - Biometric based access metal storage box with optional slide out trays for safe-keeping of valuables such as jewelry, high-value keys, etc.
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