Let Time Pass - Practice illustration that includes a mash up of inspiration
Audi Maybe? working on creating a cohesive form with this one
Tomahawk Search and Rescue - Model in the future?
Fooling again - Super camber
Sting Ray - Form and Value Study
Super Stretch - Keep working on this stretched form, maybe too much
Studying forms again - Mobster car, full wheel cover
Late night study - Clean form and smooth elements
Another go with this style - fast and clean, liking it so far
Couped - Wide body canson style
Sportster Paint - Paper sketch to photoshop
Whats up with Smart Cars? Make em' fast - Quick and dirty eco car, around 2 hours start to finish with SBP
Beetle Van - Forced perspective...maybe too much
Red line Mix - Playing with speed sketching and fish eye tilt up. about an hour
Charged - Dodge hatch back, muscle form
BMW - Sketchbook and photoshop from a pen sketch
Revo Single Seater Render - Designed for fun driving, single seater. My first real digital painting. Took roughly 4 half days after work.
The 38 Special - New mobster car, old mobster scenery. Very wide and over built. Sort of a dress car, but with a muscle car twist.
Electric Utility Vehicle - A profile for an electric car concept, mostly I was practicing ways to paint reflective surfaces.
Rendering In Photoshop/Sketchbook
Rendering In Photoshop/Sketchbook
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Automotive work done digitally

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