Sponsored Project (Mitsubishi)
Sponsored Project (Mitsubishi)_2
Sponsored Project (Honda) - Design Proposal for Honda Project-X Target market : - For active young male buyers. (22 to 25 years old young male) - For any kinds of activities. (moutain biking, picnic) - For recreation for the weekend. (Going snowbording with several friends) - For shopping with a girlfriend. Time : - For Generation-Y people / about10 years ahead. (2010) Size of the Car: - 2x2 pasenger with properly laggage space. (sutable for out- door) Honda Civic based car. - The over length is bit shorter than Honda Civic Sedan, but I keep the same wheel base becouse of the stability and space for the green house. - The concept is as same as the one for Civic 3 door Hatchback, but more cargo space is abailable for rear trank like Honda CR-V. Features: - A engin is relatively small but contended with enough house power. - A civic based engin (1.6 or 1.8 cc engin) Civic Type-R engin ( Only produced in Japan) has 185 ps. - Front engin / Front drive train (Honda has an advanced technology making FF cars ) Concept Words: - DISTINCTIVE - ATTRACTIVE - CHARACTIARISTIC - CREATIVE - DIGNIFIED
Sponsored Project (Caterpillar Wheel-Loader) - Design proposal: Develope wheel loader for the use of emerging concept, system and material technology to offer a wider range of machine application and greater ease of assembly.
Other Project and Art Work
Sponsored Project (Peugeot)
Hiro Nikaido
Transportation designer, Digital modeler, and Advanced conceptualist Shizuoka, Japan