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Horace in the Big City - Illustration from a short story I wrote: Horace in the Big City
Riverfront Park - Drawings from the St. Louis Riverfront (where the Arch is)
Have a seat, Dr. Sorenson
Casino Queen and Eads - Drawings from the St. Louis Riverfront (where the Arch is)
Garage and Bridge - Drawings from the St. Louis Riverfront (where the Arch is)
Show-Me's - Drawings from the St. Louis Riverfront (where the Arch is)
Baseball Fight
Car Accident - Based on recent events
Funeral - I had funerals on the mind...
Bruce - One of many figure drawings made for practice
Terrorism Bad - Unfortunately, the terrorists don't think so...
The Men in the Yellow Pants - If you notice, they are all wearing yellow pants.
bugs - The bugs in India were pretty terrible; almost drove me crazy one night.
door - I like one word titles.
Illustration for The Turkey - From the ending scene of The Turkey, by Flannery O'Connor. Ruller realizes that he cannot control God.
Hockey - Blues v. Coyotes
Hockey - Ref and player
on the ice - From my hockey series
Cold Spectators - From my hockey series
Sidelines - From my hockey series
End of the game
Cardinals Store - Everything in the Cardinals store looks like it belongs in the Cardinals store...
Dude - Just some dude I drew this summer; experimenting with color application.
Chick - some chick I drew this summer...experimenting with stuff. specifics to follow
Alice in Corporate Land - Done as a personal project - a birthday gift for my Alice-collecting father
Buried Child poster - Poster illustrating the third act of Sam Shepard's play "Buried Child"
Dining Guide cover - cover for the school newspaper's annual Dining Guide
Housing Guide - The cover for Student Life's 2010 Housing Guide.
Donald Rumsfeld - He's not a good man.
The Hangover - Done in the format of The New Yorker's movie articles.
Book Cover -Henry of Sound & Blood - Cover for a fictitious book: Henry of Sound & Blood
The purpose of the assignment was to be ambiguous and evocative with the image.
Rasputin - the bribe - One of many images from my book about Rasputin...more to come
Absolut Evil
Rasputin in St. Petersburg - Image from my seminar project
Rasputin and Rumsfeld - The intro spread image for my seminar project
The Ubiquitous Rasputin - Part of my senior seminar project - Rasputin becomes ubiquitous in the royal palace of St. Petersburg.
Mysticism in St. Petersburg
Russia Crumbles
The Battered Russian Army - Rasputin sends Emperor Nicholas II off to the front lines of WWI
Priests - Russian Orthodox priests. Spot illustration for Rasputin book
Stolypin - Pyotr Stolypin - Unsuccessfully tried to take down Rasputin before getting assassinated.
The Domestic Grim Reaper
The Sleazy Rasputin
Soldiers' Stories, a visual essay
Untitled - I started with a portrait, then added another portrait, then added an environment...
My Daughter? - Personal work...I was finding ways to trim down the size of my portfolio, and I found two portraits that had potential, but weren't really pulling their weight...so I combined them and added to them, and now I have a little narrative scene.
Duddy! - Personal work
The Palm River Disaster
History Museum workers - Workers from the history museum
Skateboardin' gramps - Illustration for Student Life, 2.0
Stormy Afternoon - Illustration for Aamer Hussein's article in New Statesman magazine
Football! The front line - The Rams and the Vikings clash
Football! Vikings fans are insane - Surrounded by bitter Rams fans witnessing a one-sided game, these Vikings fans fearlessly cheer for their team. "Thank God for the Rams, for always giving us these easy victories!"

I'm thinking that if a Rams fan tried to pull this stunt at a Vikings game, they would be dead already.
Frederick - A dear friend...
Bugs - The bugs in India are pretty awful...
Happy Mother's Day - personal work
The Old Three-Headed Warrior Frees His Nation From its Robot Captors - personal work
The Case of the Bad Burial - Commission for the AARP
The Case of the Bad Burial, pt 2 - Second part of a commission for the AARP
The Case of the Misused Corpses - Another commission for the AARP
Get that fly! - personal work
Pesa Mucho! - Just doodling...
Lord Pendleberry and Chamberly - Lord Pendleberry kept to his castle, mostly. Some days he would go outside to taunt the peons. But more often he preferred to sit in his favorite spire, with Chamberly, his loyal, though somewhat portly, monkey, sipping chablis.
Stalking the D.C. Novel - for the Los Angeles Times, art director: Wes Bausmith
Outside Phoenix - Outside Phoenix, in December...
Airport Cowboy - Boarding a flight to Dallas...
Guacho - Arizona
Zombies - Done on request
Exiled Homewrecker - personal work
Arturo Sandoval - Done for the Jazz and Draw blog.
Know They Neighbor - A piece for the Los Angeles Times; an article about the importance of knowing your neighbors, and not just living next to them. Art director: Wes Bausmith
Fishin' - Personal work
The Forest Giants - Personal work
Losing It - for St. Louis Magazine
New Orleans Jazz Funeral - personal work
personal work
Forced Retirement - For the AARP Bulletin
Newt! - Personal work
Ladies and Gentlemen - For the New York Times Book Review
The Mustache Contest - personal work
A Sumo's Feast - personal work
Room 1B - My room for the Illville Hotel project
Morro Bay - personal work
House - A drawing of the house I live in (I live in an apartment in the attic!).
St. Louis Magazine - Bob Cassilly Feature - Illustrated spread for feature article
Washington Post: Holiday Advice Cover - Cover for The Washington Post's LocalLiving section
Interior full-page illustration for The Washington Post's LocalLiving section
Owen Wilson
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