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Production line altered so that appliances like the toaster comes in the middle when the Sub would be toasted. This way the member of staff need not turn around all the time.

Also the crisps rack and coke machine and a part of the counter so that the customer doesn't have to walk to another part of the restaurant to pick up their items, but instead retrieve them on their way to the till
The curved profile of the counter uses the width of the store. This way the customer and staff areas of the restaurant are clearly defined.
A questionnaire found that customers didn't like how the seating was past the queue. Now, using the profile of the counter, a more segregated seating plan can be adopted which allows more seats.
The plan view of the new design layout.
Wheelchair access added to the entrance so that wheelchair and less able bodied users can use the store. This also helps create extra signage on the front of the store.
Ergonomic Re-Design of a Subway Sandwich Restaurant
Chris Hitchings
Stroud, United Kingdom