Meow Mix Product Logo
A well known cat food brand was modernizing their look by removing the familiar cat illustration from within their logo. The challenge was to retain the feel of the 'cat' while designing type which was both clean, modern and legible.
Express | Hair Coloring | Product Logo

Modern, youthful and fun - all qualities that the designed type reflects.
Almond Fresh | Product Brand

Clean smoothly flowing and bold lettering stands out on this milk carton and gives confidence to the customer that the product is as good as, if not better, than milk.
Lettering for Packaging - Bartons Chocolate - Custom Hand Lettering is an ideal design solution for Packaging Identity. It gives personality and expression to the product - often adding a human feel. Sometimes the lettering or type needs to be designed to fit into a design that has established elements - and that is when custom designed lettering really shines. In this package you can see where the swoop in the lettering reinforces the flow of the chocolate and the smoothness of the lettering is mouth watering.
Precision Nail Glue | Product Logo
This nail product's fame was it's long thin glue dispenser. What an opportunity to turn the 'I' in the product name into a marvellous graphic element that hinted subtly at 'Precision'.
Salon Tech Product Branding | Type Design

Salon Tech Logo Design | Professional Hair Styling Tools
A sexy new logo elevates their company's image to a new level of chic.
Lettering for Packaging - Lettering is an ideal design solution for Packaging. It gives a human touch and acts like a voice for the package. Here the voice speaks of smooth and fun. The lettering is designed to make good use of the package space available.
LaVigne Organic Skincare | Cosmetic Product Logo

When lettering needs to be elegantly flourished and yet keep its integrity and legibility at small sizes, careful balancing of line weight is needed.
Silhouette Depend | Product Logo

A feminine soft and legible lettering approach.
Lettering for Ice Cream Cake Package - Viennetta - Smooth elegant lettering gives a rich feel to this luxurious high end dessert.
Lettering for Packaging - Gabriella Cheese - Lettering is an ideal design solution for Packaging Identity - especially when the lettering needs to fit in a predetermined space such as was the case here - on the top of the cheese. A font can never be bent into a shape such as this and still look right. This treatment needs a special kind of balance that only a lettering designer can achieve successfully.
Lesser Evil | Logo Design

The client requested a script wordmark that was casual yet modern and legible.
An approachable type design was called for which included distinctly ownable elements that gave it individuality.
Lettering for Packaging - Bistro - Lettering is an ideal design solution for Packaging Identity. Here the product logo grabs attention with a lusty look that is a good match for the juicy burger.
Yves - Package Type Design - Lettering creates atmosphere and individuality and is an ideal design solution for Packaging Identity. Here we have a much higher end of 'veggie burger' and the type gives the feel of luxury.
Real Life | Packaging Logo Type Design
Lettering Design for Packaging - Chocolates - Custom Hand Lettering is an ideal design solution for Packaging Identity. It gives personality and expression to the product - it adds a human feel.

In these chocolate boxes the elegant and artistic brush lettering adds to the artistry of the package. The chocolate box becomes a miniature displayable piece of art to take home with you from Canada and adds a touch of flair to the gift you bring with you from your vacation. This is the kind of added value quality lettering can give to a product.
Lettering Design for Packaging

A great package needs an equally terrific brand. Look here for our designed product brands using both type design, hand lettering and calligraphy.

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