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Need Adventure? - Postcard design to draw people to something new and different. Backs of the postcard are excluded due to space, but look just as sharp as the front! Custom backs are designed for each card.
Who's the Real Hero? - Card designed for a Super seminar.
Desperate House Lives - A spin off of Desperate House Wives.
Artic Edge Direct Mail - Designed for young kids to be invited to a summer camp of fun!
What? - Direct mail card showing that a church meets at a movie theater.
Wrestling with Questions Direct Mail - Targeted for a seminar giving full explanations of all aspects of beliefs.
Higher Hope Direct Mail Series - Card was custom designed as part of a three postcard series to be mailed out to potential locals based on a list.
Higher Hope Direct Mail Series - Designed for a new church plant called Higher Hope. The idea was to have everyone off the ground, up in the air, having fun with a matching theme and colors to go along with the logo someone else did for them.
Higher Hope - Direct mail marketing created for a new church plant called Higher Hope.
Got Joy? - Direct mail campaign for a church to direct people to the Joy they share.
Easy Button - Card designed after the Staples Easy button without causing infringement.
Easy Button Direct Mail Card - Part 2 of a series.
Stayin Alive Direct Mail - Geared towards Seniors and elder adults from 60 up.
uncommon giving - Card one of a 3 part series for a church. Backs are excluded due to space, but look just as sharp as the front!
uncommon sharing and community - Card 2 of a 3 part marketing sereis for a church called Common Ground.
uncommon effort and stamina - Part 3 of a card series. Shows people about to compete, but for a good cause where everybody wins.
Direct Mail
Holly Blackburn
Graphic Designer for 20 Years Pantego, TX