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Reception Desk
Waiting Area
Resource space for the visitors and patients
A simple conference room
Secondary Waiting Area outside the radiation therapy room
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Oncology Clinic

The Project is an oncology clinic for two doctors. The practice employs a receptionist/secretary, a medical technician, and a part-time bookkeeper for billing and other business functions and two nurses and also a janitor.
The clinic mainly deals with outpatients who come here for their chemotherapy, regular examination and their radio therapies.
The task is to design a space for the outpatients that is warm, friendly and represents a sense of home for the patients. So, even if a person is coming alone to the place, the space should not be hostile.
The mute colored walls are coupled with a ceiling full of wooden beams that run across the paths acting as way finder and also make the space seem friendly and more tactile.
I have avoided using bright colors and busy patterns as these cause fatigue to the patients.
to design a space that is approachable to the client and the user of the space. I have kept my design sensitive to the needs of the patients that visit this facility.

Farzana Hoque
Interior Designer Doha, Qatar