Mimic is an adaptable tub designed to help elderly people creating amazing bathing experiences. Mimic is adaptable and changes its shape according to people's needs. Mimic changes the height of its sides to allow easy access and to adapt its bottom surface to the user's body during the baths or to reach a more elevated position that make the cleaning easier. The elderly can change its shape to enter and leave the tube easily.
To have these modifications in the surface, mimic uses a smart-material that changes its length and shape by means of magnetic impulses. This technology allows mimic to change its form accurately, returning it to its original shape once it is not in use. The aim of mimic is to adapt its surface to the needs of each family member.
Mimic solves the needs of each person during their baths, because none of us bathe the same way!!

Freelance, Full-time
Horacio M. Pace...
Usability. Human Factors. Medical Devices Copenhagen, Denmark