Single-Use Aid

Single-use Aid is a non-reusable syringe comprising a disposable cardboard body and a medication blister with an attached needle. This device makes impossible to reuse the syringe once it has been used. The manufacturing of this syringe requires less parts and processes, also materials used are more affordable. This solution could help to solve the problem of diseases spreading related with the reuse of syringes, offering a cheaper solution to countries with low economic resources and high poverty levels.
According to the SafePoint Organization there are countries where unsafe injections can be of the 70%. This factor is causing the spread of HIV, hepatitis and other diseases.
The problem of syringe reuse is caused by the high production costs of both syringes and medical treatment containers which are not affordable for many of the poor areas of the world.
This product has been submitted to SafePoint organization to attempt to help the cause.

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Horacio M. Pace...
Usability. Human Factors. Medical Devices Copenhagen, Denmark