Sprout - Sprout is based upon an integral hydroponics. Sprout is an appliance that grows its own vegetables. As a space- saving solution the Sprout is stored under glass floor panels. Alternatively it can be a stand-alone appliance. Sprout reduces greenhouse gasses by plant absorption of CO2 and removes the need for traditional methods of farming and transporting produce. Sprout is made from INGEO Biopolymer plastic, which is made from plant matter.
Sprout - Hydroponics

An integral hydroponics unit, aeroponics.
An appliance, which grows it’s, own
vegetables. Pre seeded ‘eggs’ are
purchased and inserted into an electronic
surface that contracts and secures “eggs”.
“Eggs” are scanned entering the surface,
communicates nutrient requirements.
Liquid is continuously recycled, via misters
to feed plants which is absorbed through
‘eggs’gell. Powered by a self-sustaining
electro magnetic generator.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Alex Huffadine
Industrial Designer/ Project Manager Auckland, New Zealand