Doorstop (buy me @ - This little guy is Humperdink and he’s got a dilemma! Does he keep that door open for you or rescue his foot from excruciating pain? Humperdink is a loyal companion to any door needing to be stopped and is a great way to add some vibrancy to your interior. Humperdink’s non slip foot will grip to a range of surfaces and door weights whilst providing an amusing touch to your home or office. These guys are available for purchase at
Doorstop (buy me @ - These guys are available for purchase, feel free to contact me for more details. "Humperdinks Dilemma"Polyurethane door stop This clumsy little guy will put his body on the line to halt any door in its tracks whilst bringing a rye smile to your face!
Doorstop (buy me @
Doorstop (buy me @
Humperdinks Dilemma Doorstop
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Hugh Thomas
Industrial Designer Sydney, Australia