Tri-From Show System

The innovative Tri Form Shower system contains 3 pivoting shower heads that provide 360 degrees of spray coverage, giving the user greater control over their showering experience.

Each shower head contains a dimmable LED lighting system capable of producing an endless array of RGB colours to provide both mood and task lighting which can also be used as a lighting feature when the shower is not in use. 900 lumen LEDS provide a bright low energy lighting solution designed to last over 50000 hours without replacement.

Its ceiling mounting point also benefits bathrooms with smaller showers as its overhead design frees up space within the showering area. This mounting point also provides the option of an integrated air flow system. This system would project blades of heated air down through the arms and out the rims of each shower head giving the user an efficient hands free hair drying solution. Bold and clean aesthetics create a strong fusion between style and functionality.

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Hugh Thomas
Industrial Designer Sydney, Australia