NOKIA OPEN - The emotive phone - This was the 1st prize project done for NOKIA 4G mobile concept competition. It incorporates a scrowlable lcd screen, with touchscreen technology and allows to adjust the space on screen to each function you want to use like video conference and internet navigation at the same time. One main button controls the primary functions. All others are acessible on the screen. Modeled in Rhino, rendered in Studio Tools.
NOKIA OPEN BRACELET - To create an emotive mobile was the objective as comunication is concern. So a bracelet with a small display is introduce to complement the phone. Instead of assigning a diferent tune to recognize an incoming call of a family member, friend, work collegues or unknown calls, a color graphic would do this job. Hot colors could be for persons with whom there is an emotive relation and cold colors for strangers or buiseness partners. The bracelet is also meant to be a fashion acessory. It is adorned by a silver element on the sides and it is adjustable. Apart from the color graphic the digital display can also reproduce images that can be sent by bluetooth from the mobile, or it can be a regular digital clock.
NOKIA OPEN BRACELET DISPLAYS - Here are some diferent visual effects for the bracelets display with diferent coloured gradients, following the "emotive" concept.
Hugo Danti
CAD designer for automotive industry - BIW Munich, Germany