Binocular camera

This is a device used for making long distance photos. The target groups for the device would be birdwatchers, soldiers and also non-professional users. Surrounding is monitored through two tubes. There are two mini-screens in the ends of both tubes, which show the distance from the observer and the coordinates of the object being observed. The screens are manually adjustable according to user’s face shape and placement of the eyes. There are two buttons on the top of the device near the face, one on the right side, other on the left. The right button is meant for taking pictures and left one is for increasing/decreasing. The camera has also a touchscreen for more opportunities. Device also has auto focus, which can be turned off for special occasions. This was made during my first year of study in product design, Estonian Academy of Arts. May 2008

Erik-Hugo Pajos
Designer, Artist Gothenburg, Sweden