Prosthetic Empathy

The assignment:
Carry out and present a exploratory design project that investigated my identified and formulated design-related issue(s) /question(s) / topic(s). My final outcome should be a visual manifestation of my investigation/exploration and should be presented in a communicative way in a oral and visual presentation.

For me it started by selecting an old project and using some details from it to create a new brief. The keywords I chose for my new project were: Unexpected changes, Add-ons and Universal design.
Possible outcomes from the concept :
1.Rehabilitation tool for limb injuries.
2.Awareness tool for visitors in hospitals to be able to understand the difference in perception after an accident/operation.
3.Drawing/painting tool due to the customisability that allows to create different combinations for different results.
4.Toy for interactive playground.

Erik-Hugo Pajos
Designer, Artist Gothenburg, Sweden