Table of negotiation

This was the last project at the end of the first year.

The assignment was to find and analyse a table and map everything around it. Our group (Wen-Fu Chuang, Zet Li, Amanda Ostwald and me) chose the court as the target and all the tables in the courtroom.

Differences exist between every object in the context of negotiation, without a doubt. Regardless of the negotiation’s outcome, the following agreements could be carried out through countless methods but with actions of negotiation. Living in this world as a part of the society, friction or argument occurs on occasion. Therefore, we end up at some negotiation table where to solve the event, to seek a balance and to and the comparative truth. The court house is commonly seen as the symbol of justice as courtrooms are the governmental spaces where to reach an agreement, the so-called “justice”. This is also the place where the court tables exist.

Erik-Hugo Pajos
Designer, Artist Gothenburg, Sweden