Wood burning stove

The task was to make an universal stove, which would be easily accessible to people with reduced mobility. Since the project was conceptual then all the materials used for the stove were unspecified. The process of heating takes place by buring wood in the fireplace. The heat spreads more intensively to the left-side and more mildly to the right-side of the stove. As the oven warms up, heat begins to spread through flue to the cooking oven located on the right side of the stove. Then the heat begins to circulate around the oven, leaves through the stack. For convenient use, the doors and hatches of the stove are opened and closed by pressing on them with one hand, also it’s height is suitable for a person in wheelchair.
Estonian Academy of Arts, product design, 2009

Erik-Hugo Pajos
Designer, Artist Gothenburg, Sweden