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HELP-ER Service - This is a rough design of a mechanical monster i made. No it is not a Transformer!

I just had a thought that "would it be awesome to be served by a giant robot after you order a food to go?" So I drew it and this is what it is. Meet HELP-ER the giant.

I will be drawing this image in different perspective view. Example the person who is receiving the food.

More to come!

-Hung Bui
Earth Elemental - This creature of the Earth. I was inspired by the on-going everyday pollution and forest destruction cause by us, the humans. As the Earth's forest being cut down to make profit by organizations in the lumber industry. I thought to myself "What if the Earth one day, is sick and tired of us abusing it and raping the forest for cash, it decides to create warriors of its own to defend itself from poachers, lumber whatever they are called."

-Hung Bui
Shinobi of Sand - This is a character inspired by 2 other character from the game Heroes of Newerth. The 2 are Nomad and Sand Wraith.

-Hung Bui
Witch Doctor v.5 - this is my version of the Witch Doctor class for the upcoming Diablo 3 game

Fix yourself - A drawing I did in 2006 during high school, junior year. Assignment was to draw hands but put some kind of twist to it. So i thought of this. Hope you enjoy it.
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Fantasy Art

I'm going back to my old root. Fantasy drawing since I was little. I designed a few monsters and characters with some sort of story, therefore it makes the design more meaningful.

This is my start up portfolio I'm working on to get a position in the gaming industry as a illustrator, game artist, concept artist, etc. Anything that allows me to do what I love doing most, draw.

Hope you enjoy and there's more to come since i am still developing more creatures in my sketch book.

Hung Bui
Freelance Graphic Artist San Jose, CA