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Day to relax - An inspired Van Gogh art style.

What you are viewing is the outdoor cafe table somebody left it empty.

This painting isn't suppose to be logic. It's just to simple enjoy the painting while you are eating.

This work of mine is next to the entrance into the Olin Ave Market in Santana Row, San Jose area.

The medium I used for this work and other similar work in the other photos is: chalk & index finger (for smudging)

Hope you all like it.

Hung Bui
Yep that is me taking a bite of my work. Glorious, all in chalk
Owner and I - The man on my left is Fred, he is one of the owners of this Euro deli shop in Santana Row, San Jose.

The guy hired me to do create his vision and I did. It increased the store sales' by 10%. A little extra more when I was painting the final piece, live entertainment artist in the area. People love to see that!
Breakfast Menu Progress - Final touches on the breakfast side.
Finishing the pineapple - wrapping it up with the pineapple.
Breakfast Menu! - Breakfast menu yum?
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Freelance Art Gig

This is my first gig as a artist. Doing something I found my inner happiness. Here are some work, enjoy.

Hung Bui
Freelance Graphic Artist San Jose, CA