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Chicory Cafe Menu (front & back cover)
Chicory Cafe Menu (inside spread) - Going with the middle solution from the set of 3, I designed a correlating menu.
The Mark - Collaborated with other design and business students to create this ad for an opening restaurant in town.
Top 5 Reasons - The Notre Dame alumni travel program needed a palm-size promotional piece to highlight the top 5 reasons to travel with Notre Dame. This accordion-fold brochure was sent to all alumni.
San Antonio flyer - Flyer done for a football weekend for the San Antonio Notre Dame alumni club

left: front
right: back
Freshman Orientation postcard - Postcard sent to incoming freshman class of 2014 encouraging them to come pick up gift.
Ad for ND Magazine promoting ONWARD: Alumni Career Development.
Reunion Mini Brochures - This is one in a series of 13 brochures (one for each class returning to the Notre Dame 2010 reunion) that are mailed a few months prior to Reunion weekend. I also worked on other Reunion creatives such as t-shirts (shown above), posters, programs, and larger brochures that are given at the time of check-in.
2010 Reunion Program - This is a couple spreads from the 2010 Reunion Program which includes schedules, seminar descriptions, ads, etc.
Enova recruiting banners used in career fairs.
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Poster for Enova Hackathon event—part of HR's recruiting efforts. This is one in a series of posters created for all the schools Enova visited. Other promotional pieces were created such as the shirts below, emails, handouts, and flyers.
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Huong Ngo
Graphic Designer Chicago, IL