Minimalist Training Design

This training project is a minimalist design. Evaluation was conducted and every session proved to be substantially more effective and shorter duration than Red Cross courses.

From the report: "Knowing how to treat injuries is a key component of wilderness recreation and sports activities. The hour and a half session, “How to splint and sling a suspected forearm fracture away from medical facilities” is part of the intensive Pioneer First Aid and Survival Skills course. The goal is for participants to feel competent in applying first aid in the wilderness. The course is learner-centered and includes role-plays and feedback from a first aid certified facilitator. The instruction is designed for outdoor activity enthusiasts, as participants take part in an actual camping trip to learn first aid skills in a realistic, challenging, and enjoyable environment. The course includes six to eight participants and may be sponsored by organizations, such as university outdoor adventure clubs."

Michael Ernest Jones
Michael Ernest Jones Khon Kaen, Thailand