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ELAN is a walnutplated desk. Its frame is designed in solid walnut. A magnetic paint covers aluminum. Here we find the idea of movement thanks to the presence of a wheel in the storage module. This allows you to enlarge the workspace and access to a hidden storage. To do this, simply unlock the locker by raising the handle on the tray. Once the module is closed, the user can drag the papers and documents through a slot on the right of the desk. The wheel can also easily move the desk by lifting the left side.
Light can be moved horizontally through a groove in the metal plate. The pivot allows the lamp multiple orientations according to the needs and uses.
The metal plate on the rear of the tray allows magnetizing papers and other reminders of everyday life. This plate defines and makes intimate workspace, it can also block pens and other accessories that tend to roll and escape.

HURLU design
HURLUdesign Bordeaux, France