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squeeze it

Wine is a quality product that conveys sharing and conviviality. It can be stored in different containers. For a numerous meal the only possibility is the Bag in Box.
But this product is hidden from the meal because of its bad ooking style. By its design you have to put it on the side of the table because of the tap.
Squeeze it is one of the solution to redefine the position of the BiB on the table by being accecible for everybody.
Made of Wood, cork, aluminium and a wrinkled purple body (for the wine colour) it is linked to the universe of wine.
We squeeze the wine as the wine-makers.
The wooden parts and the aluminium wire are kept by the customer and the wrinkled body can be bought again in white, pink (regarding the type of wine you want), it is deposited.

HURLU design
HURLUdesign Bordeaux, France