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Ferry Ile de Groix

Project in group of 9 on a new ferry for Les Iles du Morbihan (Brittany, France) for 2015-2020, according to the actual operating rules.

In the individual development, I focus on the space sensation on board with a large and panoramic two deck passenger saloon at the front and two large open decks at the back.
The bridge is also very spacious allowing crew members to work in good conditions.

This is the result of the combination of 9 individual propositions and two months of intense and hard group work.
It combines all the most interesting concept of each propositions (large glass saloons and open decks, futuristic look, optimized shapes and machines...)

Designing boats is very difficult due to all the security and functional rules, and our ferry has a lot to improve to be in rules.
Working in group allowed us to dispatch the work and everyone can contribute to the final design with its knowledge and sensibility, but it’s often difficult to make decisions when there are 9 ideas.

Tzy-Lung Stefan HWANG
Naval Architecture Student @ Pzris-La Villette School of Architecture, Paris Sèvres, France