overview - Momentum was designed for a competition hosted by Timex. The goal was to design a timekeeping device for 150 years in the future.
listening and learning - Because we were designing this piece for 150 years from now, we couldn't perform traditional contextual research because we clearly could not observe people in a future culture. It was important for us to anticipate what users' desires might be, so we chose to talk to an Anthropology Professor and a Psychology Professor. In the end, we resolved that the only thing that we knew that people would always care about is themselves.
final concept - Momentum organizes time by referencing memories that are captured by monitoring the body's electrophysiological impluses.
projected technologies - Although this timepeice could not be made now, there are existing technolgies today that would presumably be developed enough by year 2154 to make this work a reality.
timepiece for year 2154
Stefanie Danhope-Smith
Experience Designer Seattle, WA