Control art and texturing for the Tech Deck "Brooklyn Banks" ramp set. These sets were based on real-world, non-sanctioned skate spots. This one, as the name suggests, is in Brooklyn.
Control art and texturing for the Tech Deck "Brooklyn Banks" ramp set. I also did a set of graffiti graphics for a sticker sheet that was included with the set.

In the lower right is the finished photo model.
This is a Display/Carry Case I designed for Tech Deck. The concept was a display case with a modular clip system to allow as many or as few 96mm Tech Decks as wanted. The design was kept simple for an "elegant", hangable display. These actually do like quite sweet hanging on a wall.

This image doesn't show any of the process, but I built a 3D model in Rhinoceros which was sent to my engineers in Hong Kong. You can see some color explorations on the left, although the final product was left all black.
Tech Deck Dudes Vanformer Playset. This image shows the progression from concept sketches, to scale breadboard model, to finished photo model.
tech Deck Dudes Vanformer Playset. This image shows some of the control drawings I did for this transforming playset.
tech Deck Dudes Vanformer Playset. This image shows some of the color specs I did for the set. I liked the "Mystery Machine" color scheme...but we didn't go with that one!
These are some concept sketches for full-face masks with user-controlled animated facial components. Zombies, Dragons, Werewolves and Robots...classic.
These are some concept sketches for partial-face masks with user-controlled animated jaws/mouths.
I was the lead designer on the Tron Legacy toy line. It was an interesting brand to work on because it was so heavily driven by licensor assets and pre-determined costume and vehicle designs.

This product was an exception in that it was a smaller-scale static pose figure line, which was designed to capture dynamic poses and dramatic moments from the film. I used these molded translucent "light trails" to give the figures the ability to be displayed mid-backflip or to have discs in mid-flight. I designed the figure bases in a modular hexagon system so the figures could be arranged to create countless combinations of action scenes. Plus, I got to draw a lot of cool figure poses.
The Deluxe Identity Disc was one of my favorite products in the Tron Legacy line, albeit not the most artistically-driven. It is, however, one of many examples of my project management and licensor management.

I was able to use my 3D modeling abilities to work with and modify existing licensor assets as well as create additional components, such as the display base.
San Diego Comic Con 2010 Tron exclusive. Really fun project to work on. I designed the figure and his cylindrical display, as well as contributed to the packaging. I managed the figure sculpting with Gentle Giant studios, which was great. I put together this image to use for our big PR reveal before Comic Con.
Bakugan BakuRack: This project went through several iterations, but arrived at the final design shown here. I built the BakuRack in Rhinoceros to illustrate the feature as well as provide an explode view.
Bakugan Display Hex: Due to its mechanical design, I built this using Rhinoceros & rendered it using Flamingo to convey the concept.
Drago's Axe: This was a Bakugan roleplay axe that transforms into a disc-shooting crossbow, themed after Drago, the main protagonist Bakugan.
The majority of my work on the BakuMat Pop-Open Arena was graphic design. It was completed by manipulating and tweaking existing assets from the (underdeveloped) BakuGan style guide and working with softgoods.
These are a bunch of water gun styling concept sketches. Enough said.
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