This is a business card I designed for an independent crafter/artist. I wanted to emphasize the personal touch she puts into her hand-crafted products and the coziness they would bring to the homes of her shoppers.
These are graphics I created for various toy lines (Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles, Speedeez, Strawberry Shortcake).
These were label designs I created for a Yo-Yo type stunt toy called Yo-Sticks. The design of the product dictated that the labels be broken into 3 parts.
These are beer bottle labels I have designed.
I did some business card & logo design for a mortgage & lending firm in Orange County called Capital Investments. This was an interesting project for me because it allowed me to stretch into the "adult" graphic design world.

My goal was to design a logo which which implied strength and reliability while also playing off the concept that their clients are "building a future" in the investment of their home. I also knew it needed to be easily reproduced and applied at various scales for promotional items such as pens and stationary.
Graphics & Labels

Graphic design work for various clients from various industries.

Paul Wilson
Artist. Designer. Illustrator. Los Angeles, CA