Seii Urban Explorers

Seii is a concept backpack designed to fit the travellers’ needs in every occasion, focused on people that like to visit different cities around the globe and need a versatile baggage that adapts itself to the different environments visited by the backpacker.

This is why it counts with a detachable wheels system, besides being 100% customizable – the users can organise its interior according to their travel needs and choose the colours of the triangle mesh, that works as an exoskeleton, protecting the inner load. The bag also comes with a detachable shoulder bag to walk around town and a rain coat – for the traveller when using the backpack, because the backpack itself is already waterproof.

The backpack is a finalist at the contest 'bag in town' of Eastpak and IED.

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Iane Machado
Product Designer Rio de Janeiro, Brazil