Royal Enfield Classic 500

The Royal Enfield Classic 500 was the culmination of a 3 year process. We worked closely with Royal Enfields Industrial Design team and Leicestershire based Engineering company Vepro to develop the Bullet Electra LB500 model which would be rendered unsaleable in 2008 by EURO3.

The project involved product planning and concept design to inform the Royal Enfield team in their production of the show model. Xenophya were brought in to safeguard the Britishness in the product and ensure the newly developed 500cc EFI engine integrated visually with a chassis which remains largely unchanged since 1955.

Following sketchwork and renderings which were presented at Royal Enfields global dealer conference, an appearance model was produced in the UK and shipped to Chennai where the final model was completed for launch at Intermot 2008 in Koln, Germany.

Ian Wride
Director, Xenophya Design Newcastle, United Kingdom