Concept Rendering - This is an example of some renderings I did during one of my internships.
Fiskars - Childrens scissors - The project was sponsored by Fiskars through my University. The objective was to observe children in their environments, examine their methods of play and work, and explore new ways to design scissors to be safer for young children.

The design internalizes the mechanism and lowers the tolerance of space that comes into contact with the blades. There is also a cool keychain that can attach the scissors to the childs back pack to keep them from getting lost.
Sketch Sample - Interlocking office system - This sketch page was part of a brainstorming session while at my internship in Berlin. We were asked to think of new ways that the office could be designed to improve functionality. This idea was ineded to be a universal locking system that would allow the user to customize "their" work space. One of the ideas shown was to have an adjustable wall that could be raised to different elevations or rearranged.
First Furniture piece - birch + steel - This was a project that helped me develop a better understanding of materials and process. I really enjoyed this project and sold several of these stools to people around the community.
Community Information Kiosk - Project: To design a kiosk that will house 2 computers (CPU's and monitors). this design must be aesthetically please and keep the units safe from the elements. It must also allow for many users including people using wheel chairs.
Byron Trotter
Minneapolis / Milwaukee / Chicago, MN