tensegrity explorations - exploration in tensegrity are done using different solids and clusters in combination with membranes to develop wind sculptures and installations.
steel staircase - The staircase is made using various materials - SG casting, stainless steel & mild steel. The circular cross section of pipe is drawn into a capsule cross section, this adds to the strength of the pipe & looks lighter in space.
Temporary exhibition - The exhibition is conceptualized & designed by using the principle of tensegrity and membranes to give a floating & lighter sense. All the details & end juctions have been customized with stainless steel and copper.
tensile structures - the image inculdes two projects...the one shown in the left side is tensile structure made out of cotton rope..and on the right hand side is a cable suspended parking structure made out of mild steel and steel cables.
Membrane structures - The image illustrates the various membrane structure explorations for different location & purpose along with process models. This includes cannopy over a stage & courtyard cover for a heritage restaurant.
Membrane structure for a performing stage - The structure was made over a performing stage and was dismentlable. The area of the structure is 850 sqft.
Tensegrity Arch
Vishal Wadhwani
idea factor Ahmedabad, India