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MP3 Player - A Photoshop render of a unique MP3 player concept.
Mp3 Player - An Mp3 Player, with a wrap around OLED screen and finger grip controls.
Mp3 2 - Another view of the same MP3 Player.
Design Tablet (Photoshop) - A design for a tablet PC specifically for designers and creative workers, featuring a pressure sensitive digitizer and motion control joysticks, for working in 2D and 3D.
Ultra Sonic Knife - A concept for a cordless ultra-sonic kitchen knife. Done as a university project.
Ultra Sonic Knife Model - An appearance model of an Ultrasonic Kitchen Knife I designed. Made from ceramic it would stay sharp and cut easily with the added help of ultrasonic vibrations.
PC Photoshop and Sketches
Slide and Touch Phone (3DS MAX) - A phone for those who like the physical response of buttons when using a phone to make calls and text; but also want full touch screen for the internet. The keypad and top joypad also make it a great gamers phone, the best of all worlds!
4D an OLED watch - An alternative watch design for the D&AD timepiece competition.
A Classic Mobile Phone - Short project to design a classic mobile phone. I chose to use a stainless steel body like a classic watch.
Road and Race sketches - An example of a rough sketch with quick photoshop rendering.
Road and Race: Audi RS1 racer - Part of my Final Major project.
Road and Race: Audi RS1 - A render from my final major project.

A selection of work from my University Portfolio. Please remember even the newest pieces are from 2006.

Freelance, Full-time
John Wilson
Industrial Designer Christchurch, New Zealand