These butterflies started out as a demo for the compactness of the wire Dynalloy makes. When I started there, they were selling these as part of a kit. The butterflies were constructed from a black drinking straw and screen printed mylar, with a length of wire to make the wings fold up in a "basking" motion.
I led the development of retail packaging, print, and copy, as well as moving to a 4 color photoreal print on mylar with many different species available. In addition, I created a 4-part, injection molded body that could be mass produced with anchors molded in for the wire. This new design eventually went to some retail chain stores, and is still in production, with the addition of dragonflies.
Medical Latch Mechanism - This was a latch mechanism that required a clever solution to a shock problem we were experiencing with an earlier latch. This design allowed the white lever to move independent from the blue one, but only under a shock. in a slower application of force, they would move together, due to the spring that connects them. Problem solved. I prototyped this in Acetal, using a CNC mill and the geometry above.
Micro Pump Concept 1999 - This pump concept was for a client at Dynalloy, Inc. The form factor was 1cm x 1cm x 8cm. I prototyped this concept for testing at 1:1 scale, using Rhino 3D and Flashcut CNC milling to make the components.
Dynalloy Mechanisms

While at Dynalloy, I worked with prospective clients to make our product (Nitinol wire) work in their mechanisms. These were some latch and pump models I built in Rhino and then prototyped by machining billet plastic parts with CNC systems that I shopped, set up and ran.

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Christian Ritchie
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