Sea Splashin' Barbie & Kelly 2003 - This toy filled the "Fall Wow" slot for Mattel in 2003. I was responsible for the form and function, as well as troubleshooting and cost reductions. I was told by my manager that this product would not have made it to shelf if I was not involved. We made about 2MM copies of this in the 1st year.
MyScene Chelsea Styling Head 2003 - This project was a late add to the 2003 line. Design Start was 2.2003 and the Market requirement was 8.2003. I was responsible for every aspect of the toy, including hair, face, new plastic development, new sculpting, and color palette.
Aesthetic Control Drawing - An example of development documentation. This product needed to fit in a package depth of 3.5", but needed to be almost 5" wide to float upright with dolls on board. This drawing communicated how we were going to make that possible, as well as general color info.
Mattel work

Most of my time at Mattel was on the MyScene team.

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Christian Ritchie
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