carbinet speaker sketch
Cabinet speaker

Bluetooth speaker under the cabinet
Speaker under the carbinet
sketching - electronic
Learning machine - Students learn English by it, so when i design it , it must be fasion and digital. it is designed for bbk(oppo)
MP4 design
E-dictionary design - it is a tool to learn English. it is clear and clean, it is out of ordinary and humanistic
Power design for t/w - it only cost two days to design it from sketch to delivery. power is simple ,but it is hard to design for designer, because it havent any painting on it. i love it .
Learning machine - Fashion figure!Dynamic lines!
Recorder - Clean style, up market, hi-tech.
PC-Camera - Anisotropic,geometrization,Sci-Fi
Speaker - This is a alarm clock-speaker controled by voice.
Balance speaker - this is a alarm clock-speaker concept.

it have a limit that you cant see the screen when you on the bed.
speaker - this is one surface of speaker,it is named"fly saucer"
card reader design - chinese culture card reader!
USB connecter
card reader
Internet radio - radio,internet radio,speaker,mobile DVD,
Audio Design
Radio Design
Consumer electronic

I have many years of experience in the consumer electronic product design, product involves multi-species, many project have been mass production.

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