Bluetooth car kit for BESTBUY - it designed for our customer BESTBUY, it is a bluetooth car kit, the cost and the price in market is low, so the material and paint of this product is limited. the two big key is convenient for user.
Mobile internet device (MID) - it designed for Hongkong electronic fair in Oct. 2009. This product is blent in Chinese culture-Tai Chi. the figure is easy to use.
Bluetooth car kit - it is a bluetooth car kit, it breaked the traditional style, Dynamic lines on the product is refine
Bluetooth car kit - it likes MOTO'S, but it also like a Mantis religiosa,

i like the keys, it look like the eyes of mantis religiosa. i also like the color
Headrest monitor(Transformers) - This is a headrest monitor, the idea comes from Transformers.

بالش مانیتور,Hovedstøtte Monitor,مسند الرأس مراقب,Headrest Skj¨¢r,§±§à§Õ§Ô§à§Ý§à§Ó§ß§Ú§Ü §Þ§à§ß§Ú§ä§à§â,Niskatuki Monitor,Hoofdsteun Monitor,Tetiera Monitor,falık Monitör,Reposacabezas monitor

GPS-1 - I like it very much. the left key is power button.
GPS-for longhorn - It is designed for Longhorn.
Folding bluetooth - It is fixed on front window of car. the screen part can be folded and chang angle
Car reverse radar - it designed for Longhorn. simple line and decent figure
rearview monitor for Bryce coach - this product is designed for Westerner

Big key is easy to use
Roof mount player(1) - This is a roof mount player in car with 12 LED lights!

التصميم الصناعي,Industrieel Ontwerpen,§±§â§Ñ§Þ§í§ã§Ý§à§Ó§í §Õ§í§Ù§Ñ§Û§ß,
§±§â§à§Þ§í§ê§Ý§Ö§ß§ß§í§Û §Õ§Ú§Ù§Ñ§Û§ß,
Teollinen muotoilu,Průmyslový design,Dessins et mod¨¨les industriels,Diseño Industrial,Industriell design,¦¢¦É¦Ï¦Ì¦Ç¦Ö¦Á¦Í¦É¦Êός ¦²¦Ö¦Å¦Ä¦É¦Á¦Ò¦Ìός,Wzornictwa Przemysłowego,Desenho Industrial,Ipari formatervez¨¦s
Roof mount player(10.2 inch) - tetőre szerelhető j¨¢t¨¦kos,montagem do telhado jogador,taket Mount spiller,سقف جبل لاعب,tag mount spiller,Dachmontage-Player,§¬§â§í§ê§Ñ §Þ§à§ß§ä§Ú§â§à§Ó§Ñ§ä§î §á§Ý§Ö§Ö§â,mont¨¦ sur le toit joueur,kattokiinnitykseen pelaaja,mount-speler,design prouduct,تصميم المنتجات,§¥§Ú§Ù§Ñ§Û§ß §á§â§à§Õ§å§Ü§ä§Ñ,제품 디자인,Produkt Design
Double din DVD player(general series) - Auto Parts, car,product design,industrial design

Double din DVD player with 6.2 inch digital panel
Motor electronic

Bluetooth carkit,GPS,car DVD player,headrest player,MID

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