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Vertical Village project - bioclimatic tower - This is design of 400 m high autonomous building done for "Vertical Village" international competition. The shape of the building is conceived as double helix. In one helix are living spaces, apartments etc. In other are public spaces such as schools, offices, shops etc. In between these two is third, open air helix, with terraces, greenery and recreational spaces.

The Ivar Project Interior Design - Hollywood, CA - This is design for a restaurant and nightclub in Hollywood, California. Client wants to have very flexible space - all elements of interior should be movable and detachable without too much work. Main purpose for this space are corporate events mainly for entertainment companies in L.A. + plus clubbing and dinning during the week.

Design and rendering by Igor Knezevic.
Seed Hiways - Images from 3d real-time architectural environment project.
fireflies - (strange continuum series) - The images in my "strange continuum" gallery are a series of posters, most of them 3d graphics which feature a variety of thematically and visually different computer generated images - environments connected by an overall mood that is somewhat bizarre and dislocated. They may be seen as building blocks in a small but constantly expanding bubble universe.

Awards / exibitions:

- 3rd prize and exhibitied in 1998 Nagoya Design Do! competition at Nagoya Design Center, Nagoya, Japan.

- finalist and exhibited at Digital Art gallery at MacWorld Expo 2001 in New York City and San Francisco.

Farewell to arms (Strange Continuum series) - This image's awards / exibitions:

- Siggraph 2003 main Art Gallery (upcoming in July 2003, San Diego CA)

- 3rd prize and exhibitied in 2000 Nagoya Design Do! competition at Nagoya Design Center, Nagoya, Japan.

- exhibited at Brunei Gallery at the University of London, UK July 2001