Animal Rollers - Push the animal by it's tail to watch it's favorite food rumble in it's tummy! Elephant - Peanuts, Monkey - Banana, etc. Giraffe & Elephant based on styling sketches by Todd Herlitz
Kids launch their cars with a side by side launch mechanism, which activates the working dragstrip lights. The cars upside down then rightside up as they race down 3 levels, with the lead car knocking down the flip down checkered flags for the win!
The side by side launcher can be used independently to race vs. a friend, or launch both cars perfectly at once. The launcher also triggers the lights to change to color on the dragstrip "Christmas Tree" with no batteries.
Shark Bait - It's a shark eat fish world in the bathtub! Kids control the gaping jaws with the green trigger. The fish are soft roto-vinyl water squirters.
Little Tikes Pop Haulers - Simple Analog Fun, push the truck with handle and watch the cargo pop around!
Pop Haulers - Push the truck forward to watch the recycling pop around inside. Simple, Analog Fun! Dump Truck or Recycling your choice at Toys R Us
Handle Haulers Farm Hauler - In this re-design I moved the SFX button to the handle so kids could control the action while driving, adding a loading ramp, and reduced the cost of the product through simplifying construction. Accomponied in the line by a Fire Truck
Anchor and Schooner - Anchor is the an opening water scoop and Schooner is the squirter.
Keyhead City - This is Little Tikes Keyhead City. The toys are designed for 3-5 year olds and range in price from $5.99 to $19.99. They are currently being sold at Toys R Us and Kohls.
Infant Preschool
Ian Grout
Product Designer East Aurora, NY